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election snake

on my way in from the farm to vote I took in several bags of rubbish to the dump. went in with andile, his wife and child, and on the way picked up david at the power station, also with his wife and son. drove my bakkie up the bulldozed mountain of garbage that is the municipal dump. when we took the bags off a thin fast snake came zooming out of one of them. green and yellow diamond pattern, which I later looked up was a skaapsteker (don't know why because it doesn't attack or stab sheep). it slithered under a panel in the back and wouldn't come out. so we drove into town to vote with six people and a snake on the back. a few hours later, after queueing and voting, the sun was hot and the snake was out, slithering around the back. it hid again when I drove off. I did my shopping, went for breakfast, picked up donavan and david, and drove back to the farm with the snake still in its hiding place. parked the bakkie under the oak tree. came back an hour later to find the snake there. I lifted it onto the ground with a stick, and it ran off. (guess what happened to me? the snake told its friends. what? I was abducted by aliens and taken to a strange planet. ha ha ha, they said, have another beer).