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6 April 2004: Contextual Studies, Option 2: Reading 5

photo: video still from Dolores from 10 to 10, a video by Coco Fusco

Institutionalised racism... introduced fantastic misunderstanding (in the club Dolores from 10 to 10, a video by Coco Fuscosweating, moving, bass, teeth, tongues, Traps, trap, Suva, Fiji, the Republic?) sega na leqa lewa (Io, bula, 26 Pasvali Street, off Wailoku road, you know? Vinaka driver) URO. Rights and wrongs and discourse. Workshops and parties. Taki taki! Full moon Rarotonga: clouds bliss and solitude. Kali-kali-moonshine. Fantastic reality, parking is free. On the outside / stuck on the inside. Guerrilla warfare... warzone, "a crisis of a different order" 1 Winston Peters (you...!), ko Ema Rosemary Vasemaca Tavola ahau... (juma mada!) Character, character criticism, karak'tass-ass-i-nation... in Panama Jamaica, Italy-Hackney-Kraainem-Dalston-SoHo-Okoladi-Pukapuka-Kandallah-Hargreaves Street-Papeete-Naqumu Place-Flagstaff-Bidwill Street. Freakish preferentialism (smolman-sin-drome) personal agenda for selfish self-promotion. Wisdom pushes through. Pain and discomfort. {...kefe...} . fresh fruit fancy fatigue.... kaiviti power, lewa, io, kaiviti. Na yavu Natavasara, na yavu 26 Pasvali Street. Dreamtime, breeze block haven, clouds away from danger, diversion, sabotage attempts. A direct challenge... "symbolic violence". 2 Affirmations, blasphermations, coco bottle nausea, fatigue... unbearable uncomfortable radicalised systematic axes and knives and axes and knives. {carob stallion} "Hunted down, captured and killed" 3 ? "Meet the Prick" meet the disappointment. Supposed egalitarian.... fire (fire, fire in belly) Knowledge is power... tubu mada {spirit mana fire soul}. Extinguished. Faith in change. Irnasctiistmuetviiodneanitihseerde. Advocacy advocate-(peace)-change, understanding assimilation homogeneity, kiwi fire? Fabulous fu.. but I won't GE there. Three or two? Seven. Seven! "Who are you talking to?? Fleshy. And soft. Lightly... pressure... the second best... in fact, third. Now you go! Humane rights. black panthers because they only attack in defense. Radicals Ridiculed. Recognising the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Now? United Nations Declaration? Disguised as something? Full to the brim, loyal to the bone. Burebusaga (cannibalistic tendencies, ancestral blood lines)..... "I'm just looking for the right temptation". 4 Haz-ard Ahead. Damudamu seed searching cliffs of downy softness, village and sky reef and ocean, grass and sky, earth and sun. Dissolving complexity with daily bread. The land is one. Oceanic Neverland. Illegal humiliation. Taxi man, Suva please. Blurred neverness wind and time floating on time... but I got caught in a rip. Fathoms and dignity games.
Dignity. 5 Escapism, escapology, houdini-outta-hia. Anyway, any pleasure, any place any time. Hong Kong, Manila, Palau. Palau-Jerusalem-you-go-Yugoslavian. Literally experience it. Long ago, I was living somewhere far far away from this little island at the bottom of the great Pacific Ocean. But my passbook said I was a Fijian. Mythical Pacific islands... blissful serenity edge of the world therapy overwhelming calmness and contemplation. Soul and soil, skin and sand, mind and ocean. Evolved and involved. Charter a plane to Rotuma immediately! Have you ever been the minority? Shift, move, mobile tectonic surface. Political tsunami, aggressive / passive, aggressor mentality, protector protectorate, dependent on fallacy. Hiding holes in the soil with rocks and bottles. Sacrifice (those dirty remarks) follow the path, climb 59 step, exhale. Are you in that place? Now inhale.... 2... 3..... reeeedemmmmsshhhaaannnn.... and exhale. Fall OUT! Cut out, slap it then kick it. Passionate about passion food fertilised soils red ink and black satin, Gucci Time Piece, Louis Vuitton mutton bones, black, black hair. Calfskin handbag, mutton strap frock, $10 from New Delhi. Fortunate appreciation for planes, tickets, escapism. To journey or not to journey: just to Navua, or maybe Nakelo ('be aware of the risk of leptospirosis when swimming in Fiji's rivers') Veisari-river-pocket-of-the-edge-of-the-earth. Safe but ambiguous, never bitten by a tiger shark though. Papalagi paranoia. Le fale, na vale, te whare... lock the doors and escape, escape. Escape to infinite time and space. Stretching space, wall-less paradise. Almighty effort, fathoms and dignity games. Fall OUT! Whatever you're missing, I'll find it... because it's alright you know. Ofa lahi atu na kaitoga. Maciu Waqanisau & Kaliopate Tavola. Knowledge as power, as immeasurable power. Migratory mind genetics. Nomadic bones. Junction, Spot Check, Fail, Fall OUT, never ending toil and burden, "women are party to an oppressive macho status quo" 6 Still can't fight the system, people power; overturn the system, people power. Filipino History Politics History Politics History Politics. {... I will be treated equally ...} . Peace and vengeance. Peace and power. Kin-kin was adopted by the SPCA in Walu Bay. Hibiscus tree suicide (Oliver).Fanatical unrequited love. Forks and knives. Carve it up till there's nothing left. Mark it, scar it, burn it. Reject its presence. Man Made Land.


1.George W. Bush
2.Coco Fusco
3.George W. Bush
6.Grace Mere Molisa