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It's a matter of temperament
so not proud of it
but would be
if it wasn't a matter of temperament
pride's obviously not a word
less things owned
better felt at not being sold
not being scammed
like Fight Club's initial pluck before it copped out
(sorry baby the little bacon I earn is just so much mould)
once in 90 all my musical equipment was stolen
bass, effects pedals, 4-track, electric guitar, mandolin-thingie, more effects pedals
dogs left the Czechoslovakian sax for some reason
after initial spin out from being intimately acquainted with sound
and once over the blunt that someone had pissed where I sleep
felt relief
sheer relief
like falling of a high glacier
room next to bedroom - that only had matress and clothes on the floor - empty
silent empty
it's a matter of temperament