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fighting for two buffaloes

the dumbfuck had one milky eye
and had been eyeing me all night
Jahnitoes, Rockey Street
maybe he hated me because had a black bitch that was all over me

four hours later, three in the morning he had the table and my coin was up
handing me the one and only cue he said: "I hate you because you are white."
just like that
soft like
nearly said 'let's go outside' so I could finger-jab this cyclops
then it came
angels that fly like hummingbirds take many forms
so said: "I'm not interested in your problems, bru, I like blue" and put a buffalo down
he looked even more confused
but I had laid the gauntlet, conjured the game, made the rules and he was cornered like a rat
in front of witnesses
xo he put his blue one hundred rand note down next to mine
some ou picked them up to be the bank
there's always some ou who wants to be the bank
anyway when I put the buffalo down he had to accept
accept to lose to a ruse he was too confused to turn around and use
having already won a few minutes later I did
now had two buffaloes in my pocket
skromonkels resembling his milky eye arrived and the glares directed me to not walking home alone
phoned a taxi