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there is a terrible battle
carrying on
inside my brain
my insides floating away
from my body i wonder
how come life is so horrible

creating all sorts of ideas
constructive, locomotive
and some more destructive
i plan my escape
by any means necessary
to rise out of this situation

glued to my heart
my veins feel like bursting
mouth about to open
so that i can spit
my red black green blood
onto the pavement

and release the most disgusting
shocking grotesque image
your eyes have seen
running mad on the street
i scream words that carry a message
which causes the ghetto youth to riot

my body now growing thin
i am now more keen to shoot myself
in the head:
the pieces of my skull crawling in all directions

they infest every living species
embracing the sun:
my soul becomes an eternal darkness over the planet
while i sit on top of the moon
and watch all of you
scrambling around for light