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south africans

we are all drinking so much to desensitise ourselves because we are all in so much pain because everyone else is so damn insensitive to us and our needs and our pain and the only way to deal with their insensitivity is to become just like them only more so - so now we are exactly the same rude brutish insensitive creatures that caused us so much pain in the first place and that we used to hate when we were still sensitive, ie. ourselves, so now the pain is doubled because not only are they still hurting us but we are hurting them, ie ourselves and we feel the terrible pain of the loss of our sensitive selves, who we really are and instead we have become them and therefore need a drink to get through this hellish shit which is exactly what they do to get through their hellish shit and we used to despise them for it and now we despise ourselves for it and therefore need that drink even more desperately and so it goes