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flummoxed by punctuation and i pray that your death is painful and you do not rest in peace

odear the moon pays tribute
to those who heed it's tides, and the
dainty print of an idea flickers in my mind
without thought or mercy
i must write the damned thing down with

take two. roll on them cameras.
empires fall and empires crumble,
and i wonder how hard
you who must build everything bigger,
everything better
how hard you will fall

i am flummoxed by punctuation
in words alone i can express what i feel about you,
uncle sam

gobbling spitting farting beast of steel
lionsgorge vulture eagleclawreptile
irate urge to consume
from plastic painted carton
throw away dump them as long as they sell are easy to use
your culture was built on war against the elements in hostile big bad new world where
nature did not fit your pretty patchwork pastures and therefore had to be
do you read me (questionmark)

i am flummoxed. but the moon smiles at me
tells me that at the end of the phrase invertedcommas
the aMErican empirecloseinvertedcommas there will soon appear a
verybig, gyNormous, overly conspicuous as your tourists your spies
there will soon appear a